Hugo Blogging in Emacs

When I started to use Hugo to write this blog last year, I noticed that there is an easy-hugo package of Emacs that there are many people use it. So I installed it that time, but I didn't use many of its features along the way. The only command I used was easy-hugo-current-time. I used it to update the Hugo timestamps manually as in the format of 2022-10-15T09:45:35+08:00. My most desirable feature is to use it to select tags easily when I start to write a new post, but I never got it to work. [Read More]

illustrate.clj to Illustrate Clojure Snippet

To get my hands dirty with Clojure, I am trying to find or implement Clojure's string functions in the sense of Python. Python has powerful string APIs, and I also want to see how powerful Clojure could be in this field. That would be interesting. As shown in the cheatsheet, Clojure has implemented most of them, and there are some that I have to implement myself, like title-case. Along the way, I found it was a little cumbersome to append the evaluation result and the result of calling them, for example, [Read More]