How to Reload i3status config On the Fly

Sometimes I want to change the status (i3status) of i3wm temporarily, but it seems that i3wm doesn't support it directly, although reloading the config for i3wm itself is a piece of cake (bindsym $mod+Shift+c reload in the config, or i3-msg -t command reload in the command line). But this issue scratched my itch, and I swear that I must solve it today. Following this Reddit post, it looks like it can be done by restarting the process of i3bar: [Read More]
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Send Notifications from Emacs with i3wm and Dunst

I barely use notifications, but recently I think it's a valuable way to remind me things like helping me nurture habits, or to notify me of emergencies like a critically low laptop battery. So I try to integrate notifications to org-mode and Emacs today. The org-notify package from org-contrib (install it by (package-install 'org-contrib) ) could do this job easily before, so I first test it in the minibuffer with (org-notify "test"). [Read More]