Adjust the laptop's screen brightness in Emacs

Adjust the screen brightness in Emacs If you're using i3wm on Linux, how do you adjust the laptop's screen brightness? Most of the time, I use the laptop with an external monitor. But when I am out, I have no monitors. And it seems no easy way to adjust the brightness in i3wm. Being too bright or dim is terrible for the eyes. Recently, I found a command-line tool called brightnessctl, which can adjust the brightness in a terminal. [Read More]

How to Reload i3status config On the Fly

Sometimes I want to change the status (i3status) of i3wm temporarily, but it seems that i3wm doesn't support it directly, although reloading the config for i3wm itself is a piece of cake (bindsym $mod+Shift+c reload in the config, or i3-msg -t command reload in the command line). But this issue scratched my itch, and I swear that I must solve it today. Following this Reddit post, it looks like it can be done by restarting the process of i3bar: [Read More]
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Send Notifications from Emacs with i3wm and Dunst

I barely use notifications, but recently I think it's a valuable way to remind me things like helping me nurture habits, or to notify me of emergencies like a critically low laptop battery. So I try to integrate notifications to org-mode and Emacs today. The org-notify package from org-contrib (install it by (package-install 'org-contrib) ) could do this job easily before, so I first test it in the minibuffer with (org-notify "test"). [Read More]

Open New Urxvt from within Emacs

I have been really enjoying the more concentration workflow qtile, a tiling window manager, brings me, since I started using it a few months ago. I am more focus on the current task now as all the windows I care about are laid out on the same screen. As I get more used to qtile at every day's work, I noticed that I became more depend on short-life terminal sessions. [Read More]